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Storage Ottoman Blanket Box Linen Fabric Chest Foot Stool Toy Bench Grey


Lacking of a decent furniture that you can store your house essentials when you need extra seating space? Get a storage ottoman! What's better than a multi-functional ottoman, when it's not just for seating? You can store your unused blankets, cushions, pillows or even books that you want to read later. Keep your bedroom, living room or guest room as tidy as you can. Can be used as footstool as well if you like. Just multi-functional, as it states.

Made of strong hinges, this piece of modern and contemporary furniture is to last for a long time in your home. With soft cushion top seat, it can be extra seating for your guests when you have a party in your home. Just serve the purpose of having one any time you need it.

What's even better, this get delivered to your doorstep! With simple assembly, it'll be ready to use whenever you're ready.


Can be used as seating space, footstool & storage space

Elegant faux linen fabric

Unique stud details

Ultra soft tuffed seat

Sleek foam edges

Generous storage space

Lift-up lid

Robust metal hinges

Detachable legs

Anti slip rubber feet



Material: 100% Polyester & Foam

Outer dimension: 95.5 x 43.5 x 45cm

Inner dimension: 91 x 39 x 22cm

Weight capacity: 180kg

Colour: Light grey

Package Content

1 x Storage ottoman

1 x Assembly Manual