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Commercial Food Warmer Bain Marie Electric Buffet Pan Stainless Steel


Keep pre-cooked food at perfect ready-to-eat temperatures for extended periods or cook delicate foods such as sauces and mousses with our Commercial Bain Marie. Just fill the removable water bath with water up to about 3cm above the heating element and place the three removable food-grade stainless steel pans on top. Set the temperature between 30°C and 110°C with the rotary dial and the bain marie heats up the water to generate gentle and even heat that keeps the food warm without sticking, burning or drying out. The bain marie comes with additional useful features such as detachable tempered glass doors for easy cleaning, drain tap to easily drain excess water and non-slip rubber feet for a firm stand. Perfect for commercial settings such as buffets, takeaway eateries and catering, or even at home for large parties, our bain marie is sure to make a lovely dining experience for everyone.


3 removable food-grade stainless steel pans

High-transparency tempered glass

Fast heating

U-shaped heating elements

Thermostat control

Adjustable temperature from 30°C to 110°C

Removable water bath

Non-slip rubber feet

Overheating protection

Easy to clean

Easy operation

SAA-certified plug



Power: 1000W

Voltage: 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz

Food pan quantity: 3

Food pan material: Food-grade stainless steel

Temperature range: 30°C to 110°C

Single food pan: 26cm x 32cm x 9.5cm

Overall dimensions: 91cm x 39cm x 33.5cm

Cable length: 118cm approx.

Package Contents:

1 x Commercial Bain Marie

3 x Stainless Steel Food Pan

1 x User Manual