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Cordless Reciprocating Saw Electric Corded 20V Lithium Sabre Saw Tool


For the most intricate and demanding tasks, the Pneumatic Air Saw allows you to get right into the finer details with half the fuss and in half the time. Easy to operate, it makes light work of cutting curved surfaces and tight circles. Featuring a specially designed piston air-motor, it requires low air volume whilst maintaining impressive cutting speeds.


Multi-function saw, Swing wood、 metal 、pipes and so on

Multi-purpose optional cut

Large capacity at 1500 mA/h

Comes with two precision saw blades

Quick locking chuck, Cutting more easily

Multiple vents for more powerful heat dissipation

Double switch ,Safe and convenient, construction is effortless

Multi-bearing linkage to determine cutting accuracy

Self-locking chuck,Stable clamping, not easy to fall off

Precision saw blade, Sharp saw blade

Pure copper motor




Stoke Length:25.4mm

Cut Capacity:wood 10mm,matel 6mm


Package Content

1 x Reciprotating Saw

1 x 1500mah Lithium-Ion Battery

1 x Fast charger

1 x 150mm saw blade for wood

1 x 150mm saw blade for metal

1 x hex wrench