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Bedding 9 Setting Fully Fitted Electric Blanket - Queen


Sleep better every winter night knowing that you have the Fully Fitted Fleecy Fabric Electric Blanket to help you stay warm and cosy throughout your forty winks.

Featuring a synthetic faux wool underlay, the Fully Fitted Electric blanket allows you to set up to nine different temperature settings on its LED display found in the detachable controller. A timer also lets you set the operation of the blanket from one to nine hours. And even if you had forgotten to switch the electric blanket off, there is automatic shut off protection for total peace of mind.

Best of all, the electric blanket is machine washable. Simply unplug it and toss it into the washing machine for a good clean wash.

Never let the chill and cold ruin your precious sleep again when you can have the warmth and comfort of a Fully Fitted Fleecy Fabric Electric Blanket to keep you company all night long.


* Fully fitted electric blanket

* Fleecy underlay

* LED display - light for adjusting control in the dark

* Overheat protection

* Detachable controller

* Nine temperature levels

* Up to nine hours hours timer

* Automatic shut-off

* Removable cables

* Machine washable


* Brand: Bedding

* Material: Fleece Synthetic Wool

* Power: 120W, SAA plug

* Voltage: 220-240V, 50HZ

* Low energy consumption - cheap to operate

* Timer: 1 to 9 hours

* Heat Settings: 9 levels

* Max Temperature: 40-50 degrees

* Size: Queen - 203cm x 152cm

* Fitted depth: 40cm drop

* Cable length: 240cm

* Colour: White

Package Contents

1 x Bedding Electric Blanket

2 x Detachable Remote Controller

1 x User Manual