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Mazda BT50 Car Floor Mats Dual Crew Cab 2012 - 2018 3D Rubber BT-50


Having a car floor mat that fits well is not just an issue of aesthetics but safety as well, since a bunched-up mat can jam the pedals and put your life in danger. That is why you need our Car Floor Mat to make your life safer and easier too. The mat is guaranteed to fit the Mazda BT50 Dual Crew Cab 2012 - 2018 models for total interior protection, as it is custom moulded and laser cut using professional 3D scans. No more trimming universal mats to find gaps here and there. The mat comprises four layers – a wear-resistant thermoplastic rubber top layer, noise-reducing XPE inner layer, High density foam inner layer and floor-gripping bottom layer. The bottom layer holds the mat securely in place without damaging or staining the carpet underneath. To be even more secure, you can use the built-in eyelets to clip the mat onto the retaining pins in your car. Unlike other inferior car floor mats, our mat has no nasty rubber odours and is completely safe for allergy sufferers. Spills are no longer an issue because being waterproof and pressure washable, the mat is easy to wash. There are also channels on the surface that guide fluid and debris away from your feet.


Premium quality TPR top finish

Custom moulded and laser cut

Non-slip backing

High coverage

All-in-one design

Easily cleaned with water and detergent

Odourless (safe for allergy sufferers)

Resistant to Water, Oils, UV sunlight, and other chemicals

Unaffected by temperature or changing weather conditions

100% recyclable material

Fits Mazda BT50 Dual Crew Cab 2012 - 2018



Top Material: TPR(Thermoplastic rubber)

Application:Fits Mazda BT50 Dual Crew Cab 2012 - 2018

Colour: Black

Package Contents:

2 x Front floor mat

1 x Back floor mat